Definition of a Wild Flower: A flower that grows in the wild, meaning it was not intentionally seeded or planted. Can be found in the deserts, forests, meadows, and field.

A Wild Flower is strong, beautiful, unpredictable, and capable. A Wildflower blooms into a beautiful flower in any season. The seasons change but she stands strong with every struggle life throws at her. She is warm and loving but furiously strong and a protector.

I am strong, beautiful, unpredictable and able; I am a Wild Flower. I knew I was different ever since I can remember. My thoughts and dreams were different from any five year old. When I got older I tried to hide it away and forget about what made me different I converted into what society said I was.

Couple of years passed and I felt something was missing from my life I had this deep hunger to write. I started to write every night grabbing the nearest pen and paper I could find. I would write stories, dreams, and small journal entries about my life. It started small and turned into something big, the deeper I got the more I felt myself come alive. I kept it hidden,I couldn’t let the world in this was my safe space. I wasn’t ready to be judged but my writings were oh so desperately trying to be heard.

With every season life threw at me if it was good or bad I knew I was going to be able to overcome, it might sound silly to a lot of people but I knew writing was my personal gateway to God’s ear. I wrote out of pain, sadness, anger, but also out of love and happiness. My hopes and dreams were included but never heard up until I knew I was ready.

This is my personal diary that I am now ready to share with you. I am opening myself up and writing only to be heard. All my writings are raw and real I hope it can help at least one of you.

I am ready to bloom in every season, are you a Wild Flower?

Xo Cece


4 comments on “Wildflower

  1. Awesome site!


  2. love you Cece ! Keep doing what you love ❤


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