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Alabama,What are you doing?

Should Abortions be illegal ?? As a christian and a follower of God I feel like I’m in between. Yes I believe in Pro Life but I also believe in Pro Choice. As a woman I believe we should have a choice on what we want to do with our bodies!! No one should tell us what to do regarding our health more importantly from men. We fought for our rights almost 100 years ago and instead of moving forward we’re going all the way back! Why ? Who has the right to make up these laws!!

Is this the real life Hand maid’s Tale treating women like property of the state, to become nothing more than a breeder for men. This not a tv scene but it’s happening right now in Alabama in our country! Abortion is illegal in Alabama; does this mean rape is legal now because it feels like it is. We are taking the choice away from a human-being, should a rape victim carry for 9 months a child that was conceive with violence, shame, and the trauma.

NO! How about a child with abnormalities and parents unwilling or unable to provide the proper care. Or just a woman not ready to become a mother and want’s to better her life… At the end of the day its no one’s business especially men to decide if a women should be allowed to have an abortion better yet make a choice of her OWN BODY!! ALABAMA YOU SHOULD BE ASHAME OF YOURSELF. I pray for this country ! “Make American Great Again?” Cue in the 1600s (slavery, rape, racism and no equal rights!!) Is that the America we want?


I’ am a Jersey native , born in El Salvador a small little country in Central America. Arrived to the United States, when I was four years old, not knowing where life will take me. Fast Forward eighteen years later, I’m twenty-three living with my boyfriend, his mom, and three brothers. Life can become hectic and extraordinary full of adventures and struggles, emotional and physical pain. Writing has been the number one source where I can express myself fully. Hopefully my writing can inspire you and help, where ever you are, who ever you are I want you to know you’re not alone and you are important. xo Cece

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